Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Advance notice of demonstration in Malaga - March 17th

The SOHA and various groups are organizing a march in Malaga on the 17th of March during the EU meeting in Malaga (March 17/18)
All the legal issues and march route is being organized at the moment, but we would like to get as many people signed up that will be present.
We need numbers people and the more we have the more they will understand that we are NOT giving up on this one !
Also the facebook online petition, please get friends and family to sign up, so that we are able to contact everyone and also let everyone know what is happening !

There are many people working on this in the background and everyone should know that WE are fighting for All of us and NOT just ourselves !
Our voices HAVE to be heard, not only in the EU Parliament, but in every town hall here in Spain !!

Posted on behalf of AULAN:
If you feel that you can offer your support in Malaga please let me know and AULAN will make arrangements for transport.
AULAN intend to put some funds towards the coach hire but as you can appreciate funds are limited.

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