Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Political Corruption Map

Here's a map of political party's corruption, by city.


  1. Despite international knowledge of the corruption in Spain which has filtered thousands of millions of euros away from industry and employers, the labour laws and in particular the ugly courts which protect substandard employment tactics, have been kept hidden from those who have not been attacked by them. There has been a dedicated and unethical campaign to destroy small and medium sized businesses in favour of the huge monopolies which employ politicians including union executives at colossal rewards, Apart from that, petty mayors give themselves millionaire incomes in excess of what national world Presidents earn. The country needs a complete shakedown supervised by forceful professionals if only to give the people at the bottom end of the ladder a chance to keep their homes and feed their children. Perhaps now that the clothes are off some international institution would care to investigate just what has been going on. The world needs to know.

  2. You may ask yourself how it is possible that we are always at war. Are there really that many enemies of America and Democracy out there that we must sacrifice our young men and spend billions of dollars while poverty..
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  3. Following are verbatim statements by Donald Trump and my comments. 1) I went to the Wharton School of Business. I’m like a really smart person.