Monday, 26 December 2011

The Christmas Speech

Juan Carlos, King of Spain, gave his Christmas Speech yesterday, under the scandal of his Son in Law, the Duke of Palma and his activities. The tone of the speech was that, in Spain, everyone is equal under the law.
A Spanish blogger, writing as 'Voto en Blanco', begs to disagree:
'La corrupción en España no es, como algunos afirman, una concatenación de casos aislados, sino toda una epidemia nacional alimentada desde los cuarteles del poder y los sectores más poderosos, como si hubieran querido esquilmar la sociedad y exprimirla hasta destruirla'...
'Corruption in Spain is not, as some claim, a number of isolated cases, but an entire national epidemic fed from the headquarters of power and by the most powerful, as if they wanted to gouge and squeeze society so as to destroy it'.
Will things change with the new Government of Rajoy? At least, in political circles, you could be forgiven for saying that you know where you are with the conservatives in matters of the wallet - while it has always fallen to the socialists to surprise you when it comes to the temporary relinquishment of their duty as 'men of the people'.

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  1. it's not a blogger - it's a comment by a political party. get at least THAT right :-)