Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Boot

As Zapatero summed up his masterful leadership of the European Union at a plenary function in Strasbourg on Tuesday, it remained for Marta Andreasen, (MEP) to put in the boot, with accusations of Zapatero ignoring human rights and behaving more like Mugabe than a European leader in respect of the '300,000 illegal homes just in Andalucía'. See the video of her remarks (and Zapatero's indignant reply) here (in English).
The Spanish press (somewhat surprisingly, having kept silent on this issue for years) have joined in with some coverage of dubious value, sometimes confusing the 'ley de costas', 'land grab' and 'viviendas ilegales' (all different issues) for example here ('Preguntan a Zapatero si confiscará casas costeras a los británicos como en Zimbabue') and bringing in MEPs Magritte Auken and Marta Andreasen together in an article here called 'The two euro-houseflies'.
'Typically Spanish' covers the story here.

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  1. Marta Andreasen's speech is well worth watching, and although I don't speak Spanish, I thoroughly enjoy watching Zapatero react to her!

    He clearly didn't like being told the truth...