Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A Good Answer

A post on Almanzora Forum regarding Spain's regular cries of how those pesky Brits bought homes here knowing them to be illegal... but cheap!
Can they name these people who knowingly bought an illegal house with no respect for the country and culture? After all since 2008 they have supposedly been reviewing each house on a case by case basis in their words.Who are these people, I haven´t met one yet. If my other half had said to me " we are going to buy this house, it´s illegal but keep stumm, we can build wherever we want and ignore the planning laws" I would have had him certified and committed to an insane asylum. I came from a beautiful 4 bed detached house in England, I had financial and legal security, full professional employment, pension,health care, why would I throw it up to buy an illegal, alegal, irregular or any other insecure type of house? Spain´s not that good ! Ok it has sunshine but so has France, Italy, Greece, even Cornwall on occasions! These people are corrupt, ignorant, racist, bigots. They have bankrupted their country. We have spent hundreds of thousands here on property, cars, furniture, day to day living, earnt honestly by working in industry for 30 years each. If they want to knock our houses down or criminalise respectable retired self sufficient people, why not get on with it, go ahead, see how it improves their economy and their children´s employment prospects. I will make sure no one I can influence will ever buy a property here until the whole sorry mess is sorted out.


  1. If the Brits bought houses here, knowing those houses were illegal, I bet the problem is also on the side of the British nationals.

    Please, do convince anyone around you not to buy a house here: we do not need corrupt buyers, either.

    Long live #SpanishRevolution movement!

  2. Quite right - the sooner spain goes bust, the better! Viva la República Bananera de España

  3. We went to buy a house in villamartin, Costa Blanca from a Danish realestate manager, looking for a holiday Jones in spain we went along, found the house, digning out ourself that it was illegal!! So i Think that if a realestate manager World be pay by the builders they Will try to sell anything. We bought a house but from a english realestate manager. Nice and clean deal. Look at our house and see what we got