Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Last Word on Caparrós

There's an opinion piece in yesterday's leftist Voz de Almería which is pretty interesting:
'There are various possible interpretations for the recent departure of Luis Caparrós from his job as head of obras públicas and the vivienda. His name comes up a lot in the biggest property scandal in the last hundred years - the illegal construction of thousands and thousands of homes in our province. Such a scandal it is, that European parliamentarians have taken interest in the subject, believing that there is a serious case of fraud, ripoff and theft against their citizens living in Almeria province to answer for. The denuncias from the Junta de Andalucía always came late, generally when the house had been built, sold, an escritura issued, and with a British family installed within.
So who should we blame for this shocking state of affairs? Luis Caparrós held all the cards. To try and dodge the blame, Caparrós told the European settlers who wanted to live here not to trust the mayors. And this was the senior representaive for housing for the Junta de Andalucía in Almería talking! With urban politics badly driven over the phone from Seville, and with a department in Almería that didn't know how to help or protect the European home buyers, Almería soon made it to the front pages of all the major European newspapers, as a place to avoid bringing any investment to.
You may find other reasons why Caparrós was sacked, but this one is enough for me. We have lost a huge opportunity for some of our pueblos to find a way to survive since there are few alternatives. All that is needed is supervision, control, vigilence, and that the public administration does its job properly. This didn't happen and along came the demolitions and the suspicions. Good bye Luis!'
Juan Torrijos

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