Monday, 5 April 2010

An open letter to the Mayor of Albox, the Town Council and the local PSOE party.

I represent no organisation or Group, I send this letter only as an individual, however, before you dismiss this as an inconsequential message from just one voter, it is quite likely that I speak with the voice of hundreds, perhaps many more. You will of course see that it is in English rather than your native tongue, something I make no apologies for. I have determined that I will not resume my Spanish language lessons until my house is made legal. What is the point. You and your comrades may well put me on to the streets.
Almost exactly 3 years ago, I attended a public meeting, where, through your interpreter, Jo Tissington, you appealed to an audience composed almost entirely of Ex-pat British people. At this meeting you suggested that because you were PSOE and the Junta Andalucia were also PSOE, you would have less trouble rectifying the problem of illegal homes. You knew then as you know now, this was and is totally untrue.
Since that time 3 years ago, it would be reasonable to ask what have you done to benefit the Ex-pat community. I thought long and hard about this and decided it was best to use the pro’s and con’s approach, so:
In your favour:
1. You appointed Jo Tissington as a liaison officer to help people understand the requirements for registration, health problems, licences and so on.
2. After a good deal of deliberation....... I gave up.
Against you:
1. You have NEVER organised a public meeting to explain to the ex-pat community just what the council is doing to help, or how this situation might be resolved (possibly because you have NO idea).
2. There are more people now without water and electricity supplies than when you took office. Are you REALLY suggesting that it is beyond your power to authorise the connection of services to houses in your municipality, or at LEAST appeal to the judiciary to allow such. If you cannot, what is the point of having a Mayor who cannot do anything except erect monuments to donkey’s
3. You have overseen the issuing of 9 demolition orders (10 if you include the one issued to Mrs Ella Dring).
4. More people have returned to the UK since you took office.
5. More businesses have closed since you took office.
6. I know of NO ex-pat houses legalised since you took office.
7. You appointed Jo Tissington as a liaison officer, then flatly refused to tell her anything that was going on regarding legality issues.
8. You are the Mayor of a Town which is dying on its feet. The erection of the monument of a donkey is perhaps extremely apt, for a council and town which are returning to the position they held 20 years ago.
The answer to all these problems lies in the legalisation of the homes of thousands of innocent people. Thousands, tens, indeed hundreds of thousands of Euro’s will be readily available, yet you do and promise nothing. What lunacy is this?
In another year from now, you will once again approach the ex-pat community, and appeal for their votes. Personally I have no idea who I will vote for at the moment, but in a year’s time, it will be going in favour of the party that guarantees connection of services, and a halt to this madness. Historically, you have shown your inability to deliver on promises, which does not suggest that you, your council or your party are the right choice; however, there is still a year to go.

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  1. I also live in Albox, I'm a local spanish, I support you all, here's a lot of politicians that makes nothing but give favors and work to his friends, I only want you to know that we (the spanish people) are "hasta los cojones" of this kind of people, I hate them, they are professional liers that have nothing more than good word and bad facts. I hope you can live here as peacefully and happy as several years ago when the fucking bastards constructors were makin money illegally. Those guys must pay with money and jail your headache and suffer!!