Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Vigil

Around two hundred people descended on the home of Len and Helen Prior on Saturday 9th January to mark the second anniversary of the demolition of the British couple's house in Vera, Almería. There isn't much left. The Priors live in their garage, converted somehow into a bedroom, and, apart from the gardens, the most notable feature of the property is a large cement foundation, where the house once stood.
The visitors, wrapped against the cold, brought candles (most of those present were more than familiar with candles, as many of their houses in Albox, Arboleas, Zurgena and Cantoria don't have connection to the electric current and they must use generators and hosepipes). A bonfire set up on the cement foundation provided heat and light.
Surprisingly, several Spanish newspapers plus the Canal Sur TV were present and Helen Prior (pictured) made a short speech followed by another from Maura Hillen of the AUAN, encouraging all to attend the demonstration on Monday 11th January in Almería City.

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