Tuesday, 15 December 2009

El Fallo del Tribunal Constitucional de España

Helen and Len Prior lost their house in Vera, Almería on January 9th 2008 when bulldozers came in and, after a couple of hours grace, time for the Priors and some neighbours to remove their possessions from the doomed house, knocked the home down. Pictures of this outrage flashed around the world and several TV programs still continue to be shown on British, Norwegian and German TV (in particular) on this sorry page in Spain's relationship with the millions of Europeans who have come here to live. The house had all its permits in order from the town hall, but fell foul of an ambitious politician in Almería who worked for a different political party, the dominant PSOE ('Spanish Socialist Workers Party') which controls - and some say 'mismanages' - the Andalucían autonomy.
A substitute judge - the normal one who 'had never signed a demolition order and never would' was away - signed the order in late December 2007 and the home was duly knocked down - even though the Priors had appealed to Spain's Constitutional Court about the threat of losing their house.
The Constitutional Court eventually ruled in the Prior's favour - long after the demolition. The Junta de Andalucía - unbelievably - is now appealing that ruling.
See full ruling here (en castellano).

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